Yankees: Four Takeaways From Spring Training 2017 So Far

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The Yankees Are Committed To Their Veterans

No matter what happens the rest of the way in Spring Training, the Yankees have already determined that Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Chase Headley, Didi Gregorius, and Starlin Castro will be in the starting lineup on a regular basis.

And on the pitching side, C C Sabathia, Michael Pineda and, of course, Masahiro Tanaka own spots in the starting rotation, while Aroldis Chapman, Tyler Clippard, and Adam Warren will be mainstays out of the bullpen.

For one thing, Joe Girardi prefers it this way. He’ll refer to it as a “balance” between the old and the new, but what he’s actually saying is that he believes in the older guys and he relishes the fact that he doesn’t need to babysit them. They’re pros who report for work every day ready to suit up and play, and he can count on them to help with the babysitting by providing leadership and mentoring of the Baby Bombers.

Gardner has already stepped up and said he wants to be one of those leaders in the clubhouse, and Sabathia has said the same thing. And after all, Garder does have that prized corner locker in the clubhouse now.

Ellsbury is another story, but one the Yankees just have to live with. Already, he’s sounding a little testy these days, appearing to be unhappy with all the bad press he’s getting. He is what he is, or more aptly, isn’t.