Yankees Talk: Yanks Go Yard Opens Its Mailbag Again

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The Yankees, especially around this time of the year, always generate a good amount of chatter among their fans. Yanks Go Yard takes a look at its mailbag to see what our readers are saying about the team and the articles published by YGY writers. Comments are not edited for content or grammar and appear as written. Links within comments are provided by YGY.

A story that appeared titled Yankees Need To Come To Grips With Jacoby Ellsbury drew this comment from Derrick Palsey:

"I think most fans have already come to this conclusion….we just can’t do anything about it. If we could, trust me, we would. Most Yankee fans understand the business, as annoying as it may be. My biggest issue with the Yankees is their unyielding arrogance when it comes to player salaries. Bernie, Andy, Robby, even Jeter, they were all made to feel that being a Yankee is so much greater than being anywhere else, when management should have met them halfway at tge negotiating table instead of playing hardball with players who gave them plenty of wins. As great an organization as the Yankees are, they still have stuff to learn about loyalty and appreciation. Perhaps if cooler heads prevailed a few years ago, Cano would have taken less money and we wouldn’t be bitching about Ellsbury today."

And JTSfansforlife offered:

"We let Cano walk, got rid of Grandesen but we find a way to keep BUMS like Elsbury. Go Figure"

Corky had this reaction to a story objecting to all the pace of play rule changes:

"One more thing. Baseball has created a monster by being derelict in its duty in regard to the rampant use of performance enhancement drugs. They did nothing for many years but give us lip service and thus giving tacit approval to use of the enhancers. By doing so they created unsustainable, artificial offence which excited a whole generation of younger fans and thus influenced many of them to ignore the subtle nuances of the game which are so important and enjoyable. Now all they care about is action. Bud Selig was a disgrace to the game. A weak commissioner who should have never been allowed to be commissioner in the first place. Cooperstown? What a joke!"

Commenting on a story titled The Yankees Have Many Issues But Girardi Isn’t One Of Them, Michael Bennett writes:

"Bored one day, I added up the won-lost records of every manager in baseball since Girardi took over. Joe has the 2nd highest winning percentage in MLB, after the Cards’ Mike Matheny, and yes, I’m always on his case for managing “by the book”, but the numbers don’t lie."

While galihaaben offered:

"Joe’s pants going to be up to his chest by next season."

A story about Ellsbury And Sanchez As The One/Two Punch brought disagreement as to the proposed batting order. First, from Patrick Kennedy who wrote:”Holliday 2, Sanchez 3″ and then from JohhnyL53 who said, uh uh, it should be “Didi 2 Sanchez 3”.

A story about the myriad of problems with the arbitration process prompted several comments. Donnie Passmore offers these thoughts:

"The process is only at fault for two things. This is what needs to change.1. Final money is awarded by the arbitrator(s). Cannot be higher than the largest amount requested or lower than lowest amount recommended. In other words can be in the middle.2. All cases must be concluded, at least two weeks, prior to the start of spring training.Levine should have never went to the press. For his actions he needs to be disciplined. At least suspended without pay or fired for his actions. Levine needs to make a formal apology to Betances, in front of his fellow teammates."

And Harry Carlin offered:

"Sorry it not just the process. Yes, the arbitration system is awful. There is no compromise, which is dumb. But what Levine did after was totally out of line and uncalled for. He acted like a bully, not as he should have a President of the NY Yankees. There was nothing to be gained by his unnecessary remarks except upset an important cog of the team. Dumb. But as my mother told me a long time ago “You Can’t Fix Stupid”. The Yankees and Levine especially need to apologize to Betances immediately. You don’t need a bunch of the Baby Bombers thinking this is the Yankee Way"

And finally, a story regarding a viable replacement for Joe Giardi drew this comment from Dillinger91

"Why not both? Resign Girardi have Alex study under his tutelage all while grooming him to be the next Yankees manager. Of course the last time the Yankees groomed the then “next to be” manager, Don Mattingly, he never did fill that role."

And julioluisveve put some thought into his comment writing:

"Joe Girardi needs to play his best players, not his favorites. His dislike for Refsnyder is obvious and in the past, he has stuck with scrubs such as Sergio Mitre, Stephen Drew, Brendan Ryan and last year, Aaron Hicks. Right now, Refsnyder is better than all of those. He performed under par because he was under pressure to produce and knew that Girardi had him limited. 0-4 and he knew that he would be benched. Chase Headley is not as bad as those, but he leaves a lot to be desired offensively, because 3B is a power position. Girardi benched Ronald Torreyes when he was on a tear because Headley complained about being benched..The Yankees need a manager that prefers the rookies, because that is the way that the organization chose to go this year. Then, they pick up Halliday and Carter. They may be productive this year, but the plan was to go with the young players. I bet that Girardi had a lot to do with acquiring Carter, because he strikes out a lot and that leaves Aaron Judge out of the picture because I don’t believe that the Yankees will go with 2 players that will strikeout a total of 400 times a year. I bet that Girardi goes with his boy, Hicks in RF, especially now that Austin Tyler is hurt. He played 1B, but also some RF."

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