Yankees: What’s New At Yankee Stadium For 2017


For the Yankees, the “New” Yankee Stadium would not remain new if they didn’t make improvements on the venue. For 2017, Yankee fans can look forward to a number of additions that will enhance their experience when they attend a game in 2017.

In 2009, the Yankees moved across the street to a modern stadium venue and promptly won a Championship. Fans remain hopeful that the next one is on the way with the bumper crop of new and young talent providing the fuel to make it all happen in a timely fashion. But in the meantime, 3 million fans will pour into the ballpark this season to witness the development of these young and athletic players. The Yankees have made sure that there is something new to greet them besides the players. Here’s a few of those additions the Yankees have made to the Stadium.

Yankees Budweiser Party Deck
Located at Sections 311 and 328, the new Budweiser Party Decks each will feature a shaded standalone bar areas serving beer, cocktails, and food. Drink rails and bar-stool seating provide a relaxed and casual setting from which to enjoy sweeping views of the field and game action. Both areas are available to all ticketed Guests.

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Frank’s Red Hot Terrace
The new Frank’s RedHot Terrace and Toyota Terrace are two open-air areas designed to encourage socializing among Guests while providing them a view of the game from the outfield, as well as a unique look at the action in their respective bullpens. A full bar features signature cocktails, craft beers and food offerings. Drink-rail locations at the landings will have power/USB outlets. This space is available to all ticketed Guests and can be purchased for pregame group parties.

Sunrun Kids Clubhouse
The Sunrun Kids Clubhouse will be accessible to all Yankee Stadium Guests. Children will be able to climb, slide, and play hide-and-seek among the colorful fixtures, including a 6-foot-high replica World Series trophy. Parents can join their children in the play area or choose to oversee them from dugout a few feet away. Television monitors will ensure that no one misses a minute of game action, and there will be a shaded section of the play area with interactive exhibits. The Clubhouse will also include family restrooms with changing tables and a private space for nursing mothers, including lounge chairs, a television, and power outlets for those using electric breast pumps.

Masterpass Batter’s Eye Deck
The Masterpass Batter’s Eye Deck is an outdoor gathering space in center field with clear full views of the playing field and the Stadium available to all ticketed Guests and doubling as a pregame party area for groups. Drink rails, craft beers, cocktails and unique food offerings make it an ideal space for socializing while watching the game.

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