Clint Frazier Suggests to Bryce Harper He Join the Yankees


The 2019 MLB Free Agent class is shaping up to be the best one in recent memory and the Yankee fans are already dreaming of landing that top prize. Apparently, the top Yankee prospect feels the same way.

The night before Thanksgiving in the United States tends to be a major party night for Americans. People have short work weeks followed by a feast, football and a long weekend so they go out and let off a little steam. Not for Yankees top prospect Clint Frazier. He stayed at home and he let the Twitterverse know that he gave himself a little haircut.

Such an innocent, casual tweet. Many of those on Twitter, myself included, have posted something just like this to try and spark up a conversation and that’s exactly what this did. So much so that it caught the attention of 2015 National League’s MVP Bryce Harper:

Another innocent tweet. Of course Harper wants to see it….we all do. If you read a tweet saying someone shaved part of their head and there was no photo, you’d probably reply the same way Harper did. So….Frazier did:

Did he just do what I think he just did? HE DID. HE SHAVED OFF PART OF HIS HEAD.

Oh wait no that’s not it. He wants Harper to sign with the Yankees. He’s already campaigning for the cream of the 2019 free agent crop to share the outfield in the Bronx with him…and to give him some hair pointers which Harper does not need. His mane is incredible.

Harper responded to Frazier but completely ignored the potential Yankee part:

OK back to the main story….think of the potential outfield Frazier hints at: him, Harper and most likely Aaron Judge. I should mention if he plays the rest of his contract out Jacoby Ellsbury would still be on the team as he’s signed through 2020 and a $21M team option in 2021.

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I’m not sure how the Yankees front office will react to this when they wake up to these tweets but if you’re a Yankee fan, how can you not like it? I mean everything except Frazier’s new haircut. He should probably get to a barber fast.