Yankees Beat Writer’s Twitter Beef With Justin Verlander

Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports /

Here’s a recap of the series of uncomfortable tweets exchanged between CY Young runner-up Justin Verlander and Mark Feinsand, who covers the Yankees for the New York Daily News.

Hell hath no fury like a supermodel scorned. If you haven’t heard about the story regarding the exquisite Kate Upton defending her All-Star fiancee pitcher, Justin Verlander — after he was beat out for the most recent edition of the AL Cy Young award to Verlander’s former teammate Rick Porcello, then check this out:

While Kate might be on to something, ala the electoral college debate, it’s always a dicey situation when significant others take to the Twitter-sphere to defend the careers of the professional athletes they love.

Only a few hours after Upton released those scathing set of tweets that made most red-blooded American men jealous with rage, Mark Feinsand, who is a beat writer that covers the Yankees for the New York Daily News, wrote an article and subsequent tweet entitled “Hey Kate Upton … pipe down!”

In his article, Feinsand defended the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, stating the “old boys club” did nothing wrong or corrupt with their voting system, pertaining to naming deserving  candidates for particular MLB awards (which Upton alleged).

While I agree with Feinsand that it is unfair to blame individuals for anything other than a simple disagreement, I do feel the two writers who left Verlander completely off their top 5 for the AL Cy Young award, both of whom write for the Tampa Bay Rays, should be held accountable for their choices and in the vein of clarity, tell the public why they felt Verlander wasn’t worthy of a single vote in their eyes. Where are there tweets?

I actually credit Verlander for not going completely bonkers — after all, if someone told my woman to “pipe down,” I’d need to be restrained.

Regardless, one of the writers from the west coast of Florida did, in fact, turn in his final ballot a complete week before the MLB season ended. While it probably wasn’t done with malicious intent, it sets a bad precedent for all MLB writers and those looking to break into the business.

Towards the end of the exchange, Feinsand’s tweets were completely self-serving as he backpedaled faster than Michael Jackson in his prime.

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All in all, I get that this is a just another writer sticking up for his “brotherhood,” but come on, man — leaving Verlander off the AL Cy Young vote for Masahiro Tanaka or Aaron Sanchez — like the two gents from Tampa did should have been Feinsand’s real issue at hand — not picking a fight with Kate ‘Cat Daddy’ Upton.