Yankees Still Have Some Trades Up Their Sleeves


The New York Yankees are not done dealing this off-season, not by a long shot. And columnist Sweeny Murti of CBS Local New York revealed why.

"¨It (the Justin Wilson trade) leaves the Yankees a little short for 2016. Wilson, Dellin Betances, and Andrew Miller were the only three relievers Joe Girardi could trust in big spots by the end of the 2015 season, Murti explained.  ¨Wilson being a lefty is significant, but not when you consider his splits didn’t make him a true left-on-left weapon.¨ [related category]"

So, despite the apparent confidence the Yankees may have in James Pazos, Chasen Shreve and Jacob Lindgren, they may be in the market to add another piece to their bullpen. With the growing playoff strategy of dipping into the pen early, this becomes even more likely. And, of course, another starting pitcher would be welcome.

"“I think it’s a long process,” Brian Cashman said, according to MLB.com. “It was a month between deals. That gives you an example of time frame and a lot of discussions that take place. I’ve got a lot more time on the clock between now and Opening Day. There’s some more things I’d like to do if I can.”"

Murti goes on to suggest that teams are looking for young starters who have not yet suffered significant injuries. He points out that the Yankees have one, and possibly only one of those in Luis Severino.

"¨Even if there are other good arms in the minor leagues, Murti says according to CBS, ¨they are not as close to major league rotation-ready as Severino, so the demand isn’t as heavy. In other words, the Yankees only have one pitcher that is the type of pitcher every team is trying to acquire. It is logical that nearly every major trade proposal the Yankees receive has his name in it, and the Yankees will most likely reject every one of them.¨"

So that is the dilemma, getting bullpen help and a starter while still holding onto Severino.

"“I’m intending to do more. That’s my intention,¨ Cashman said according to MLB.com. ¨We’ll see what happens, I can’t guarantee anything, but my intentions are between now and April that we’re going to have some more opportunities to consider.”"