New York Yankees Editorial: How Kimbrel Trade Changes Plans


I wrote an article about the AL East last week and how the New York Yankees would have more than just the Toronto Blue Jays to worry about next season. The process of the AL East getting better has started, and the Red Sox made the first major move when they shipped off a ton of minor league talent to acquire All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel.

#RedSox send OF Manuel Margot, INF’s Javier Guerra & Carlos Asuaje, and LHP Logan Allen to Padres in exchange.

Obviously the Red Sox overpaid for Kimbrel, but perhaps this makes you realize why the Yankees were open to trading Andrew Miller.

However, now that Kimbrel is in the AL East as a member of the rival Red Sox, this might just put the Miller trade talks to rest. The Yankees do have a capable closer in Dellin Betancesbut keeping him and dishing out Miller would only shorten a dominant bullpen, which at this point makes no sense considering the Yankees were looking to acquire Kimbrel in a subsequent deal to moving Miller.

Here’s some good and bad news to look forward to:

The Red Sox have Kimbrel, but what they still do not have is a starting pitcher. Newsflash as well, there are at least seven innings to play before the ball is handed off to Kimbrel. The Sox have a lot to talk about, but it wasn’t worth mentioning last year when they were losing right off the start, making it near impossible to come from behind every other game. The Yankees need to get their starting pitcher as well, but they clearly still have the upper-hand in that department and in the bullpen. The bad news is there are a lot of rumors going around that the Red Sox are full-steam ahead in free-agency as many expected them to be. It was said their main objectives were getting a starter and a closer. One of those things is done, now who will they go after to add to their rotation, and will it be someone the Yankees are looking at as well.

Stay tuned.

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