Report: David Price ¨Prudent¨ Signing For Yankees


The debate rages on as to whether the Yankees should pursue David Price. And now John Harper of The Daily News has stated his case.

"¨But the lefthander just turned 30 in August,¨ Harper writes. ¨He’s never had arm problems that cost him time on the disabled list, and if the Yankees need more motivation, it appears the Red Sox will be pursuing Price now that they gave up top prospects in the trade with the Padres for closer Craig Kimbrel.¨ [related category]"

Harper has hit the nail on the head. With the Blue Jays late year scramble to make the moves that propelled them to win the division, it is easy to forget that the moves were just that. Toronto is merely a one year wonder, a franchise that was desperate to end a long world series layoff.

The real nemesis, as always, has not changed. That would be the Boston Red Sox. And when the Red Sox start to zone in on big additions, the Yankees need to cut them off at the pass. Allowing Price to go to Boston could come back to haunt the Yankees long term.

"¨I understand the Yankees have a plan to get younger, but as they get close to shedding some big salaries, they can sign Price and still stick to the plan,¨ Harper continues. ¨They’re going to spend again eventually. Better to do it now when right guy is there for the taking.¨"

Perhaps the strongest part of Harper´s stance comes from his analysis of the Yankees rotation. Can Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda be counted on for a full season? Is there a comeback player of the year award in CC Sabathia´s future after his rehab? Even Nathan Eovaldi, who performed well for most of 2015, went down late in the season.

Price would provide the Yankees with an anchor. He would be a dependable element in a rotation that is otherwise full of uncertainties. And yes, signing him would also keep a star away from the Red Sox. That is never a bad idea.