New York Yankees Editorial: Are the Yankees Making the Right Move with CC Sabathia?


On Wednesday CC Sabathia is coming off the disabled list and will be inserted right back into the rotation. It looks like the Yankees will be going with a six man rotation down the stretch in September. CC Sabathia is not only the Yankees sixth starter, but he is a key part of this team down the stretch.

The Yankees need to go to a sixth man rotation in the month of September, plain and simple. The Yankees only have one-off day left the rest of the season. They need to have their starters somewhat rested down the stretch. The Yankees are trying to win the division, but they most likely will be in the post season as a wild card team at the worst. CC Sabathia will be asked to provide depth and relief to the other starting pitchers down the stretch.

What CC Sabathia lacks as a pitcher, he more than makes up for as a clubhouse leader. Sabathia wants to win, and is willing to do what it takes for this team to win. If Joe Girardi asked CC to be in the bullpen, Sabathia would not have made a scene, and he would focus on being a reliever.

The Yankees were going to go with a sixth man rotation regardless, and out of all the options CC Sabathia is by far the best choice. Before this DL stint, CC Sabathia was pitching at his best. His velocity was up a tick and he looked like he was turning the corner. CC Sabathia will now be wearing a brace, and feels very comfortable in the brace. If CC Sabathia can continue to pitch well like he was pitching before his DL stint Sabathia will make an impact.

There are fans who cannot believe that Joe Girardi will input CC in the rotation, but to me it make perfect sense. With no days off it will be a real grind to end the season, and CC makes that grind easier for pitchers. Sabathia’s leadership can help this young rotation, and can still make an impact. With the 40-man roster no one will be sent down when CC Sabathia is activated, so it is a win-win.

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