Brian Cashman Sounds Like He Has No Faith In The Yankees


The New York Yankees poor play of late has fans everywhere concerned. Now, we know that Yankees GM Brian Cashman is starting to freak out just as much.

In recent years, Cashman has been more vocal with his opinions, a seemingly new freedom he used to not have. Coming into the weekend series with the Atlanta Braves, Newsday quoted Cashman as saying, We’re not playing good baseball. That’s a concern, period. Right now we are playing poorly. We’re not swinging the bats at all, and that’s got to change. There’s isn’t a lot of time left, you know? We have to get back on track and hopefully [Thursday’s] off day is just what the doctor ordered. We’ll soon find out…I’m worried about everything because again, there’s not much time on the clock left. We’re in the stretch drive now. You got to run your best race now.”

Cashman went on. “This team doesn’t handle 16 games in a row very well, let’s put it that way. I don’t care if that was April, May or June versus August. Sixteen games in a row for this particular team is tough. Probably because of the age. Some of the older position players, it just wears them down.”

Cashman was even critical of newcomer Gregory Bird. “Bird has not swung the bat well since the two-home run game. He’s got a ton of strikeouts in the last 10 at-bats, so he’s not swinging the bat very well at all right now.”

In short, Cashman was extremely blunt concerning the state of the Yankees. While it seems like the world is closing all around the team, they have over 30 games left to play and are only behind the Blue Jays by one in the loss column.

I stated before the season started that 87 wins would take the division. They are on pace to win 88.7 games right now. While their streaks are frustrating to watch, they are on a pace to be at or near th top of this division come October. I definitely did not predict that the Blue Jays would trade for both Troy Tulowitzki and David Price at the trade deadline. Unfortunately, they have and they are setting a new bar for wins to take the AL East. Cashman does not sound convinced that they can climb this mountain. How they respond this weekend in Atlanta should begin to answer that call.