New York Yankees News: Mark Teixeira Out Of Lineup Again


Mark Teixeira was out for a week with his bone bruise and finally returned to the New York Yankees yesterday. However, the Yankees have decided to pull him again for the rubber match today against the Houston Astros.

Teixeira only got two at-bats yesterday with the Yankees scoring one run on four hits. He went 0-2 after a strieout and a grounder. Teixeira’s lingering soreness showed on the ground-out in the fourth inning yesterday. Teix’ is not the fastest guys (or anything close to fast in general), but if you want an idea of how slow he was yesterday from the leg pain here is your best example.

Though no Teix’ in the lineup, he may still be used for a PH tonight, but let’s hope the Yankees wake the bats up again so he can get another day of rest in addition to tomorrow.

The Yankees have an off-day tomorrow before they head to Atlanta. They’re going to need Teixeira to get back ‘on the Mark’ with Alex Rodriguez still slumping.