New York Yankees Editorial: Will Greg Bird Get Playing Time in Right Field?


With Mark Teixeira coming back from his bone bruise, people are starting to wonder what Greg Bird’s role will be from here on out. A lot of people have talked about getting Greg Bird his at-bats? For those of  you living under a rock, Bird is one of those blue chip prospects that Brian Cashman refused to move at the trade deadline.

One idea that has come about is Greg Bird playing right field.

With Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Carlos Beltran all signed on to be in pinstripes next year, moving Greg Bird to right field and continue getting him at-bats is somewhat interesting. The best thing for Greg Bird is obviously getting him more at-bats in the major leagues. Since being called up, Greg Bird has proven that he can play with the big boys.

However, the problem with Greg Bird in right field is the question of whether or not he can actually field the position? The Red Sox put Hanley Ramirez in the outfield just to get him at-bat’s, and thats been an absolute disaster.

Anyway, the Yankees do not want to hurt the progress of Greg Bird at all, and Brian Cashman has ruled out the possibility of moving Bird to the outfield.

"“‘First base is his skill set,’ Cashman said. “The move to the outfield would not make sense. I am not running him down, but he is just not athletic enough for that. He is what he is.”"

If Greg Bird is not athletic enough to play the outfield, then he should not play the outfield, pure and simple. The problem is where does he get his at-bats? With the September call ups just around the corner it does not look like Greg Bird will be sent down. For Greg Bird personally, he will have to figure out a way to make the team next year out of spring training which may be very hard, but for now Greg Bird just needs to focus on helping the Yankees win the division.

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