New York Yankees Editorial: Reminiscing The Potential Brett Gardner and Brandon Phillips Trade


Back in 2013, during the off-season, the New York Yankees were approached by the Cincinnati Reds regarding a trade. The proposed trade would have sent outfielder Brett Gardner to Cincinnati in exchange for second baseman Brandon Phillips.

New York did not execute the exchange, and seem to be reaping the benefits two years later. Below are the statistics pertaining to the two since the proposed trade.

Brett Gardner, 31, .271/.345/.439, 27 home runs, 242 hits, 153 runs, 101 RBI

7.6 WAR

All-Star appearances: 2015

Brandon Phillips, 34, 272/.310/.369, 13 home runs, 215 hits, 88 runs, 83 RBI

2.5 WAR

All-Star appearances: None

The answer is simple on who has been more effective. Since then, the Yankees have signed Gardner to a four-year, $52 million extension shortly after declining the Reds’ offer. The contract given to Gardner, now, looks like a bargain for the Yankees.

When Yankees’ fans learned about the organization declining and the opportunity to replace Robinson Cano, some felt opinionated. With newly acquired Jacoby Ellsbury inking a luxurious seven-year, $153 million contract, many believed Gardner could be on his way out of New York. In addition to Ellsbury’s deal, the Yankees also signed outfielder Carlos Beltran to a three-year, $45 million contract.

In retrospect, the acquisition of Phillips would have filled the second base void Cano had vacated. Fortunately, general manager Brian Cashman did not pull the trigger and remained steady with the surplus of outfielders.

Yankees’ fans should remain grateful that Gardner remains on the team, as he has been named a 2015 All-Star and contributed to the rapid success of the American League East leaders.

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