New York Yankees Trade Targets: Could The Yankees Add Craig Kimbrel?


When the New York Yankees signed Andrew Miller in the off-season, David Robertson hadn’t left yet. Visions of a super pen of sorts with Robertson, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller danced around everyone’s heads. Basically, if the Yankees had a lead after six it would be good night sweetheart.

Well, maybe the Yankees could do that again. Instead of Roberston, maybe it could be Craig Kimbrel. The Yankees already tried to poke him away from the Braves, could they be more successful with San Diego?

Here’s what Buster Olney said on the possibility:

"Kimbrel makes $9 million this year, $11 million next season and $13 million in 2017, and on paper, he’d be a great fit for the Red Sox, maybe the Jays (though he is probably too expensive) and the Yankees, who could add to a bullpen that could own October."

Yes, that three headed monster would own October if the Yankees get there. It would be downright scary and give Joe Girardi plenty of options at the end of games. It could also give the Yankees a chance to move Adam Warren back into the rotation considering Kimbrel could take that spot and with the amount of time Warren has been in bullpen, less of an innings work load. If that’s the case you are fixing two things with one move.

However, you have to ask if the resources it would take to get Kimbrel be worth it to make such a move. Would it make more sense to give up those resources for a starter or another bat.

Kimbrel would be a nice add. A potentially game changing add. But I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

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