New York Yankees Editorial: The Bronx is Boiling – 1st Half

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Mar 3, 2015; Clearwater, FL, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher Luis Severino (91) throws a pitch against the Philadelphia Phillies during a spring training baseball game at Bright House Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Again, last week I discussed the trade rumors aswirl that the Yankees are interested in obtaining at the deadline. I also discussed the rich tradition they have of bringing in a hired gun every July. It’s not that some of the names on the market aren’t enticing, it’s what they would cost.

As any of you know who follows me, I am a minor league guy. I believe that the future of any team lies in their farm system. Luis Severino is that blue chip prospect, but as any true Yankees fan knows, that doesn’t mean anything as far as arrival time in the Major Leagues goes.

Severino has looked good since his Triple-A promotion, winning four of his last five starts. That’s not to say that everything has been perfect, but it is certainly promising. His strikeout rate is down, which is one of the flame thrower’s biggest assets, and he has been walking batters at a tad bit higher rate. Those are the things that, in the past, the Yankees would hold back the reigns of a promotion on.

But Severino may be too good to do that. At 21-years old, Severino may have accomplished all he is going to in the Minor Leagues. Besides, didn’t we just discuss how Warren and a healthy Miller will allow for starters to pitch just five strong innings before handing it over to the bullpen? This will limit Severino’s innings pitched, because we all know the Yankees love those Joba Rules.

The question in obtaining a starter or promoting Severino isn’t as easy as who to get, but who to demote. I still feel sending CC Sabathia to the bullpen — which could be the right move — will come with pushback and won’t benefit either side. Eovaldi and his high-powered fast ball seems like a good candidate as well, but is now the time to hinder a possible starter for the foreseeable future’s growth?

Whatever the case is, I think one move solidifies that rotation. That move may be a phone call away, it is simply a matter of whether or not the Yankees make the call.

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