New York Yankees Editorial: The Five Prospects Who Improved the Yankees Farm System

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Since the draft of 2005 when the Yankees drafted Brett Gardner, there is not a single player who is an everyday starter for the Yankees. That has now changed for the better. The Yankees are developing lots of position players, and great pitching prospects.

Currently there are only four active players that are playing everyday in major league baseball that came from the Yankee farm system. Besides Brett Gardner, Austin Jackson is the only active player in baseball that the Yankees drafted. The only player that has become an all-star from the system was Robinson Cano. He was not drafted by the Yankees, but signed out of the Dominican Republic. The other player signed internationally was Melky Cabrera.

The Yankees for the last few years have made an effort to make the farm system a strength. Instead of trading prospects for current major league players, the Yankees decided to keep the players. Not trading these prospects have made the farm system very strong. The Yankees will have eight legitimate prospects in Triple A or Double A. The only position they do not have in Double A or higher is the shortstop position.

These five players on this slide show are proof on how the Yankee system has vastly improved.