Yankees Editorial: CC Sabathia Should Never Pitch For The Yankees Again


Do you remember how bad CC Sabathia was for the New York Yankees in 2013? He was worse in 2014, but at least he only played in eight games. So far, 2015 is by far the worst of his career. Through fifteen starts this year (about 50% of his starts if he is healthy all season), he has an ERA of 5.65 to go along with his 3-7 record. He has a WHIP of 1.44 and an ERA of 70. In short, if it wasn’t for his contract he may have been released by now.

Sabathia isn’t the victim of some nice starts being shadowed by one or two blowouts. In his last seven starts, his ERA has been between 5.31 and 5.67. In other words, he consistently has an ERA of about 5.50. He has already given up 17 home runs this season, tied for the second most in baseball. He has also given up the third most hits and runs in baseball.

Sabathia has no redeeming qualities this season. He doesn’t pitch late into games, averaging less than 6 innings per start. He is killing the bullpen and makes them throw in losing causes more often than not. In order for the Yankees to seriously consider winning the American League East, he cannot continue to pitch for the team, at least as a starter.

Ideally, the Yankees would release Sabathia and end the saga this week. As he ages and his weight fluxuates, he is losing steam on his fastball. For the second year in a row, his fastball’s average velocity is under 90 miles per hour. For the first time in his career, his slider’s average velocity is under 80 miles per hour.

Sabathia is owed $23 million for this season, $25 million next season, and has a $5 million dollar buyout in 2017. With this season being nearly half over, the Yankees owe him about $42 million over the next two and a half years. While that amount seems daunting, what makes more sense – paying someone to stay off your team or paying someone to makes your team lose? From a business standpoint, they just need to cut ties and work without him.

Everyone under the sun knew Sabathia would not be an ace this year. The Yankees paid for Masahiro Tanaka partly because they knew they needed a front of the line starter now that Sabathia has reached the twilight of his career. Unfortunately, no one knew that he would once again be leading baseball in all the wrong categories. The Yankees have more money than anyone not named the Dodgers and can afford this hit. What they cannot afford is two more years of Sabathia sabotaging any chance of an AL East crown. Get him off the team today.