New York Yankees Editorial: Too Quick To Make A-Rod Full Time DH?


New York Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez was officially put at that position for good in the last week of March, Brian Cashman told the media because of the “life in his bat”, this would be the final decision. It is now June 20th, and despite taking two at home against the Marlins, they struggled heavily without Arod’s bat down in Miami.

To add to this, the Yanks’ don’t have much depth at the corners for an older Chase Headley and Mark Teixeira. So it brings up the question three months later, were the Yankees (or Brian Cashman), too quick to make Alex a full-time DH?

At first, Mark Teixeira has been sharing time with Garrett Jones, however even that hasn’t been the best with a noticeable drop off in defense from Tex to Jones. Of course Jones wasn’t necessarily brought to New York for his defense, but more his power availability to play multiple positions.

Jones has been acceptable though, despite the defense not being that of Teixeira, and the Yankees are getting by for now, and more importantly keeping Teix’ healthy while doing it. Would it help if Alex was at the disposal to be an option at first?

I believe it would still help in a sense of giving Garrett Jones some more back up time in left-field for Carlos Beltran. You could say this isn’t needed with all the options the Yankees have in the outfield already, but flexibility is what you need early in the season, especially for an older team. Keep in mind before Alex was put on full-time DH, his bat was still as hot as it is now, start of the season or not it didn’t appear to effect him much.

Next, to where Alex’s removal hinders the Yankees the most, third base. Chase Headley is having the worst defensive year he’s ever had with fourteen errors, and it’s to the point that fans hold their breath anytime he needs to make a play. The only other option at third is Brendan Ryan, and the Yankees prefer him to be at second or short.

Did Brian Cashman know Headley would be having this kind of year? Obviously not, but keeping Alex fresh at third every now and then would be helping now when the team needs him more than ever it seems.

As for Ryan, he only has four innings put in at third this year, he’s played at least one inning at every base this year, so unless he starts playing more at third, it seem Cashman was too quick to pull the trigger on this move. To add to this, the Yankees don’t have a lot of talent down in the minors at third like they do at second or shortstop. Would it help or hurt Headley’s confidence to see a player called up to assist him, a veteran a third? It might or it might not, but having the defensive troubles he’s having thus far certainly isn’t helping either.

Whether it’s too late to maybe work A-Rod back into third or even first relies on how he would feel. If Headley’s defense, or an injury comes up, it’s definitely something to look at moving forward.

If the Yanks’ want to stay in first and in contention, they have to keep all options open, even if it’s going back on previous moves.

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