New York Yankees Editorial: How Number 3,000 Will Be Kept Safe


Just as the New York Yankees have their stars on the field, they also have them in the stands. One of those stars is a security guard named Eddie Fastook, head of the staff. He’s had a busy season so far, and for previous years as well.

Eddie is a well known name to a large number of fans, any ball that holds extra meaning, he finds it. He retrieved Derek Jeter‘s 3,000th hit (a home run), and also some recent balls coming from Jose Pirela, Mason Williams, and Slade Heathcott. Though it’s been a big year for many Yankees, none are more important (milestone wise) than Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod is three hits away from number 3,000, and with home games booked through next Wednesday, it’s likely to come at Yankees stadium. It’s important to note that Alex spoke with Eddie Fastook long before the count down to 3,000, and  asked him to retrieve as many home run balls as he could while Arod was getting closer and closer to Willie Mays and home run number 660.

When asked why he was making Fastook chase down his homers, Arod’s main reason was for his daughters. Wanting to have whatever he can to show them all that he has accomplished, and he still has a lot left to go.

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