New York Yankees News: Biogenesis Lawsuit Coming Back to Haunt Alex Rodriguez


New York Yankees DH and MLB Comeback player of the year candidate Alex Rodriguez might not be completely off the hook from the Biogenesis scandal just yet.

According to the New York Daily NewsA-Rod is now facing a whole new lawsuit. This time, he’s being sued by former head coach of the University of Miami Baseball, Lazaro Collazo, who has been a defendant in Biogenesis criminal case that originally resulted in A-Rod being suspended for the entire 2014 season.

In this new lawsuit filed against A-Rod on Friday, Lazaro Collazo is alleging that Alex broke Florida state law by buying Biogenesis clinical files for the lump sum of $200,000 and sharing them with third parties.

Interestingly enough, Collazo claims that A-Rod violated his personal medical privacy rights when he decided to buy and distributed the files. According to the Miami New Times,  Collazo is requesting over $15,000 in damages.

According to SI Wire, the former Miami Hurricane Coach pleaded guilty to two charges for purchasing steroids without a prescription back in March, which resulted in two years of probation.

This is certainly going to be an interesting story to follow moving forward, but hopefully it doesn’t phase A-Rod, who is batting .286 with 12 home runs and 32 RBI so far this season.

He is also just five hits shy of the illustrious 3,000 hits club.

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