New York Yankees Editorial: Will 2019 Mark Bryce Harper’s Emergence In The Bronx?


Could it be inevitable? Could we actually see Washington Nationals emerging outfielder Bryce Harper don pinstripes one day? New York Yankees’ fans sure hope so.

As the Yankees fell in their last game against the Nationals, you could hear chants of, “2019! 2019!” and “Future Yankee! Future Yankee!” emerge from the bleachers in Yankee Stadium, all in regards of Harper. Are Yankees’ fans getting ahead of themselves? More than likely, but they also might just be on to something.

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Harper, 22, is rapidly becoming one of the higher tier baseball players in today’s game. Always drawing comparisons to Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout, Harper is making a name for himself now. Through 57 games, Harper has scored 57 runs, belting 20 home runs and driving in in 47 runs, and is currently holding a .330 batting average.

So where did Yankees’ fans come with the idea that Harper could wear the luxurious pinstripes at one point in his career? Harper, who grew up a Yankees fan in Las Vegas, Nevada, has publicized his passion for the Yankees on more than one occasion. Recently, Harper posted a photo onto the social media platform Instagram, showcasing himself in front of Yankees’ Monument Park, the same park in which he belted his 20th home run.

Mandatory Credit: Mike Prada at SB Nation DC

Mandatory Credit: Mike Prada at SB Nation DC

The aforementioned tweets came prior to Harper’s MLB debut with the Nationals, as Harper debuted on April 28, 2012. This caught the attention of a variety of fans, including both Yankees’ and Nationals’ fans. Harper, then being 18-years-old, took back to the social media to clear a few things up.Well, that didn’t make any Nationals’ fans feel too good about their first-round pick, and first-overall pick, in the 2010 draft. In recent days, Harper has prided himself with Nationals’ love.

"“I love the Nationals.” Harper continued, “The Nats are such a great organization. Mr. Ted Lerner gave me the opportunity to play in the big leagues. It’s such a fun time. We have such a great team here. We enjoy it every single day. We look at every single day as a new day and go in and have the same mentality and try to play every single day. D.C. is such a great place to play.”"

As this is what is expected from any ballplayer, the damage had been done already. YES Network’s Michael Kay specified the situation to a pinnacle point on Tuesday’s broadcast.

"“He says all the right things, he loves Washington, that’s where he wants to stay, but he’s going to be a free agent at a very, very young age.” Kay proceeded, “He’ll be about 25 years old when he has his six years in, which will be an amazing time. The last guy to be that young to be a free agent, I believe, was Alex [Rodriguez]. He got a 10-year deal from Texas.”"

Unless the Nationals extend Harper’s contract, he will become a free agent at the end of the 2018 season. As a Boras client, it could be assumed that Boras would advise him, being Harper, to seek free agency and maximize his value, but ultimately it will be Harper’s decision.

Insert the New York Yankees. At the end of the 2018 season, players such as Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Carlos Beltran, and Mark Teixeira will all be off the books, as their contracts will be expired. At that point, being 25-years-old would play in the favor of Harper, as he has proven to be an effective ballplayer, and should only be getting better, thus maximizing his value for a hefty contract. Harper, being a Yankees fan, and advocating his joy for the Yankees could put the Evil Empire one step closer from making the Bronx Harper’s future home.

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