New York Yankees News: Jacoby Ellsbury Intensifying his Rehab


Jacoby Ellsbury did 10 40-yard sprints  on Friday, while also doing some light throwing, and took a few swings in the batting cages. Ellsbury has been on the DL for a bit, but there has been no set backs, and the skipper, Joe Girardi, has been happy with his process.

"‘He’ll continue to start to do more baseball stuff, and he’s obviously getting better,’ Girardi said. ‘I don’t have a date as to when he’ll be a player for me, but he’s obviously better than when he left, because he wasn’t doing anything then.’"

Joe Girardi did talk about how Jacoby Ellsbury is not at 100 percent quite yet, but is very close to being 100 percent. As of now Ellsbury is still wearing a huge knee brace over the injured knee, but if everything goes to plan it should be off in a week.

Brian Cashman talked about Jacoby Ellsbury process, and the positive out look on the injury so far. Cashman believes Ellsbury could be ready by the end of the month.

"‘He’s been working his tail off to make sure his quads and his hamstrings and everything else are not falling behind,’ Cashman said. ‘I know he’s busting his tail and doing a lot of functional stuff.’"

Ellsbury is known for having nagging injuries, especially in his time up in Boston, so the Yankees need to be extra careful. The Yankees being in first place helps the Yankees not rush Jacoby, and that is very helpful with the Yankees center fielder. Before the injury Jacoby was the best player on this team, and getting ready to head to Cincy for the All-Star game.

I want that Jacoby Ellsbury to return to the Yankees, not an Ellsbury who is only at 80 percent. The Yankee organization is deep with outfielders, so the best plan is to be extra careful with Ellsbury.

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