New York Yankees Editorial: Who the Yankees Should Target in 2015 MLB Draft

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Mandatory Photo Credit: New York Daily News

We are just four days away from the highly anticipated 2015 MLB Amateur Draft, where teams will select collegiate and high school prospects from around the country in hopes that they will one day develop into franchise corner-stones and benefit the future of their organization’s foundation.

The New York Yankees own the 16th overall pick, their highest draft slot in over 22 years. Thanks to Mr. David Robertson, the Yankees have another pick at number 30. In the later rounds the Yankees will select 57th and 92nd overall.

This year at Yanks Go Yard, we decided to give you, the greatest fans in the world, a special post on who our staff writers Michael Cambria and Jason Evans and District on Deck editor Ricky Keeler believe the Yankees should target with their first two picks.

We’ve followed the NCAA College Baseball regionals to a tee, we’ve held Q&A with some of our top college baseball writers and we profiled top players throughout the country who might, or might not be a perfect fit with the New York Yankees.

So without further adieu, let’s dig in!