New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Deal For Starting Pitcher?


If you’re looking at the New York Yankees, there are two weaknesses that stand out. One weakness is the middle infield. But I’m tired of talking about Stephen Drew and Didi Gregorius. The other area is starting pitching.

Masahiro Tanaka comes back today and even with a questionable elbow, he’s better than Chris Capuano. But relying on Masahiro Tanaka is about as smart as wearing a Blackhawks jersey to the Tampa Bay Lightning arena. Yes Ivan Nova is supposed to come back too but who knows how he will hold up.

Here’s what he said according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe;

"“I don’t see us making a major acquisition for a pitcher [at this time] but I’m not going to say I wouldn’t do it,”"

We’ve talked about the potential targets on this website before.  Caleb did a great job of outlining some of the names that could be available in the market for the Yankees to upgrade their rotation with. 

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All of those are going to cost prospects, something the Yankees are trying to add to not necessarily subtract from. To me, if they are going to add to their rotation, it’s going to be someone in a similar vein to Brandon McCarthy last season.

According to Cot’s the Yankees are at almost $218 million in payroll this year. They are waiting for some of the big contracts to start going away which is next season. A trade target like Kyle Lohse or Aaron Harang may make more sense. Pay them for this year and it won’t cost a high profile prospect to get them.

There’s no question the Yankees can use an upgrade in the rotation. I don’t think it will be of the high profile variety though.

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