Yankees’ Fans Anxiously Await Old-Timers’ Day


The navy pinstripes that the New York Yankees‘ wear are one of the most iconic images. The history of the franchise is rich with incredible moments and stories of success. After all, 27 championships is a benchmark that is unmatched by any other club. The team with the second most wins is the St. Louis Cardinals and they only have 11. The Yankees have a growing list of retired numbers, Hall of Famers, and trophies.

Every Yankees’ fan has a favorite player and moment and the organization has come up with a way for the fans to stay linked with their favorite following their careers. Old-Timers’ Day allows the fans to reminisce the past and watch their heroes play one more time. The light hearted day is a fan favorite and has had a large amount of success. Almost every year the event sells out which has resulted in the franchise declaring it a premium game. The only other premium games are Opening Day or any against a rival such as the Boston Red Sox or the New York Mets.

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This year’s Old-Timers’ Day is scheduled for June 20th when the Yanks take on the Detroit Tigers. The day will surely be a great day for baseball fans as they watch their favorite former players lace up one more time and get to see an offensive showing between two formidable teams.

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