Yankees Mark Teixeira Is A Gentleman And A Brawler


When Mark Teixeira avoided a home plate collission with Rays catcher Bobby Wilson this week, the baseball world found out something about him that Yankees fans already know: Teixeira plays the game hard, smart and always within the rules.
“I didn’t think I was safe. I was just wondering if we could maybe steal one from a technicality,” Teixeira said, according to MLB.com. “I guess the rule says you’ve got to give the runner a lane. I was hoping that maybe we could steal one. I was out. It didn’t work.”
Now, Teixeira could have plowed over Wilson. And Wilson would have deserved it. It was in 2010 when Tex ran over him in a similar play when he was catching for the Angels. That alone should have been lesson enough to get Wilson to move his buttocks out of the way.
But regardless of your interpretation of whether Wilson was giving Teixeira a clear path to the plate, you have to admire Mark´s decision-making process. He obeyed the letter of the law, just as MLB would expect.
Now, no one ever wants to see injuries. But it´s time for the commissioner’s office to re-evaluate the rule. Even when Pete Rose ran over Ray Fosse in the 1970 ALL Star Game, the old rule was the right way to go. Baseball is not patty cake. There are physical elements that should always remain. We shouldn’t just legislate and legislate until we turn players into marsh mellows. Even Wilson knows this. Despite his concussion in the 2010 play, he continues to stand his ground.
Of course, there was other news for the Yankees this week. Alex Rodriguez is apparently destined for the designated hitter role, with Stephen Drew backing up at third base. Jorge Posada followed up a statement that performance enhancers don’t belong in the Hall of Fame with an apology to A-Rod.

On the mound, Chase Whitley, with a partial ligament tear, is potentially facing Tommy John surgery. Masahiro Tanaka felt no pain in a 35 pitch bullpen session. And CC Sabathia now has back to back quality performances. How about that!
Yogi Berra has turned 90. Happy Birthdday , Yogi! And on May 18, 1946, Reginald Martinez Jackson was born. Happy Birthday to you too, Reggie!
But you can bet your bottom dollar about one thing. There will never be a report that says it was ¨more probable than not¨ that Mark Teixeira did not follow the rules, a la Tom Brady. Not a chance.