Yankees’ Salaries Account For 2.5 Percent of Bronx Wages


The Bronx Bombers make a lot of money. However, did you know that the players on the New York Yankees account for 2.5% of all wages in the Bronx? NBC News has reported that was in case in 2013.

It’s no secret that baseball players make a ton of money. The average MLB salary was roughly $4.25 million on opening day this season. That figure was just $3.65 million two years ago. While pro baseball players have been making a lot of money for a long time, recent years have really accelerated the ballooning salaries.

Bronx, New York has roughly 1.4 million residents. The New York Yankees have exactly 25 players. With the Yankees included, the average Bronx wage was $47,000. Without them, that numbers dropped to $46,000.

Looking at other boroughs, Queens wages averaged $46,000 – the same number the Bronx would without the Yankees. However, that $46,000 number includes the Mets as well. Manhattan, expectantly, led the way at $102,000 per job.

While there are well off sections of the Bronx like Riverdale and Fieldston, much of the borough sits near or under the poverty line. Having the richest team in baseball (until the Dodgers take that title over) in a city of people struggling financially is a bit awkward, especially when one looks at ticket prices. While fans can easily get into the bleachers, the rest of the stadium has been almost too rich for its fans since it opened in 2009.

The Yankees have kept ticket prices largely stagnated in recent years. However, paying $7.25 for French fries and $10.00 for beer isn’t going to make going to the game much easier. While a night at the game could end up costing over $100, I’m sure fans wouldn’t mind paying as long as the Yankees can get back to the playoffs in 2015.