Yankees’ Game Recap: Mother’s Day, May 10th


The New York Yankees took on the Baltimore Orioles in the fourth game of the series. The Yanks were up in the series 2-1 before entering today’s game and they certainly did not disappoint on this beautiful Mother’s Day. They broke out the pink bats, literally, and put up six runs on eight hits.

The stand out performance in today’s game goes to the new ace Michael Pineda. He has stepped up and hasn’t missed a beat in assuming the number 1 rotation spot. I had a fear that when Masahiro Tanaka hit the Disabled List the Yankees would be exposed for being a mediocre team playing above their level. However, it has been the complete opposite so far and has started with this guy. He pitched seven strong innings and struck out a whopping 16 batters. The lone run Pineda gave up was on a low curve ball that JJ Hardy pulled down the left field line. It was his only mistake of the day if you could even call that pitch a mistake. If he continues to pitch this well all season then the Yanks might have one of the most formidable one-two combos in all of the league when Tanaka returns.

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The second shout out goes to Carlos Beltran who finally found his bat again. He went 2-2 with two walks. Both of his hits were absolute lasers off of the sweet spot. The first was a single that missed a home run by only a couple of inches; that is the beauty of Yankee Stadium that a couple of inches is the difference between a single and a home run. In his second at bat he finally got the monkey off of his back and belted a solo-home run. Hopefully he can relax now and continue to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the bat.

The other home run hit in the game came from the award-winning Jason Giambi impersonator Brian McCann. He hit a moon shot down into the right field corner that hooked around the foul pole. McCann is only batting .242 this season but it already feels like he is contributing much more than in 2014. If his home run isn’t impressive than maybe the total of 18 strike outs in today’s game is. He called a beauty of a game and has certainly perfected the pitchers’ stuff.

The win today helped the Yankees stay at the top of the American League East standings and sealed the deal in the series. Next, they will take on the second place Tampa Bay Rays and look to distance themselves from the rest of the pack.

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