Yankees Editorial: How Should Alex Rodriguez React To 660?


New York Yankees  Alex Rodriguez is just one swing away from hitting home run number 660, sharing fourth all-time with the great Willie Mays. However, the reaction from the team as well as Alex is much awaited. Even before he hit 659, the organization knew that he would reach 660 eventually, and that this awkward moment would come sooner or later. You hate to see something like this happen in such a negative way in many people’s eyes, but how exactly does the team or Alex plan to celebrate?

Joe Girardi has made it clear there is no planned special festivities to transpire in the dugout when he does hit it, so the question now becomes how should Alex react? Until the moment comes, Joe thinks he should “lay low”, but knowing how the media is with Alex, that has never gone well.

Obviously there will be on field enjoyment as A-Rod rounds the bases, but it might be short lived with everything going on in-house. The moment Alex hits 660, there’s going to be a whole new set of issues to handle, with him, with the Yankees, and with a lot of money. It would be smart of Alex to enjoy the moment, because if he plans on looking for that bonus money, he’s going to have more on his mind than his performance. If there’s any possibility for this situation to not be blown into the worst proportions it could be, the best idea would be for Alex to accept the team not paying him. The chances of this happening are slim, because in his defense, he hit those home runs for the Yankees through the years to get him to that number, and that’s the bottom line.

Until the team and fans are waiting for that swing to come, and they’re waiting to see how this all pans out, all one can really say now is “enjoy the moment.”

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