Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Will Headline Yankees’ Movie


Who would have though that after Ben Affleck refused to sport a Yankees cap in the hit movie Gone Girl, both he and Matt Damon would would agree to produce a movie about two New York Yankees players from the 70s?

The movie is based on Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson, players who decided to swap their wives in the early 70s. Though Damon and Affleck are both known Red Sox fans, despite recent hold ups on these players actually contributing, the two actors are still going to follow through with the movie.

Kekich and other players have agreed not to help with the movie, especially Kekich. He was contacted, but it appears he doesn’t want that part of his life put on public display, which is understandable.

Despite the stalling, Warner Bros. is still moving forward, and a director has been named. Jay Roach who directed top named films as Meet The Parents and Austin Powers will take the role. With the movie being about a situation such as wife swapping it will be interesting to see how it plays out, also with great actors such as Damon and Affleck.

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