Yankees All Time Top Opening Day Pitchers

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Jan 6, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks former pitcher Randy Johnson speaks at a press conference to discuss his induction into the baseball Hall of Fame at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Number Five: Randy Johnson.

The big unit is one of only three Yankee opening day starters, with two or more opening day decisions, that has a perfect record. His record was 2-0. Although he is often considered as an overall disappointment in pinstripes, his entire career was of course just the opposite. Johnson was a ten time all star, a four time ERA champion, a five time Cy Young winner and a nine time strike out champion. [related category]

And Johnson always maintained supreme confidence. Even as the expectations and the pressure of playing for the Yankees mounted, his belief in his ability never waivered.  ¨People who say they’re not nervous – I would be kind of curious to see how successful you are at what you do and how long you’ve done it,¨ he said according to BrainyQuote.com. ¨And what is success in your eyes? Have you separated yourself from everyone else in that craft? Or have you settled amongst the pack?¨

His 2-0 opening day record for the Yankees earns him fifth place in our ranking.