Yankees Editorial: Should the Yankees Keep Austin Romine?


One of the decisions that the Yankees are going to have to make this spring is what to do about their backup catcher position. The battle between John Ryan Murphy and Austin Romine continues to wage on, the Yankees are going to have to decide what to do, with opening day just two weeks away.

The thing about Romine is that he’s out of options, so the Yankees can’t send him down without exposing him to waivers. With the dearth of catching around the game, Romine is sure to be claimed by someone, and wouldn’t reach AAA.

Maybe it’s best to keep Romine and option Murphy to AAA?

Murphy can continue to play everyday in AAA and continue to get better instead of sitting on the bench and only playing once or twice a week behind Brian McCann. Besides, if McCann goes down with an injury, is Gary Sanchez really ready to come and backup Murphy at the major league level? Sanchez is the only other catcher on the 40 man roster.

Now is Murphy better than Romine at this time? I believe so yes. Murphy could probably start for a few teams right now in the majors.

Both the Phillies and the Padres are interested in Romine and maybe the Yankees like an arm that either team has to help fill out the roster. The Yankees have already traded Shawn Kelley this off-season to San Diego, so they could send Romine out west as well.

To me, there hasn’t been much of a difference between the two so far this spring. I think the Yankees should keep their depth at catcher unless they are bowled over with a I can’t pass this offer up. Have Romine backup McCann with Murphy in AAA and Sanchez starting in AA.

If Sanchez and Murphy tear it up, then trade Romine after the season starts and promote the other catchers. Have some patience and see what happens.