Yankees News: Yankee Owner Hal Steinbrenner Holds Back No Punches


Hal Steinbrenner is nothing like his father George Steinbrenner, but that does not mean he does not care about winning. In an interview he discussed a wide range topics from the current status to the future prospects, to their free agent lack of signing. Let’s take a look at what he told the NY Daily News.

First Hal discussed the team and the hot start that is needed.

"It’s early and they’re older, but for us to win, those guys (Beltran and Teixeira) in the middle of the lineup have got to produce. I put McCann in there, too. We have a lot of money invested in them. And we don’t know what to expect from Alex."

Last year the Yankees offense was not up to the standard of the nickname Bronx Bombers. If the team wants to succeed at all Beltran, Tex, McCann, and A-Rod will need to have solid season and contribute on a regular basis.

Second Hal talked about how the future looks bright.

"And we’ve had better drafts of late. You’re starting to see the fruits of that (first baseman Greg Bird, second baseman Rob Refsnyder“, right fielder Aaron Judge” all considered legitimate major-league prospects, deemed close to major-league ready, who were on display this spring). If there’s one thing that’s really excited me this spring it’s those kids."

They way these three young prospects have played has made the entire Yankee Universe excited. Judge looks like he could crush the ball, Bird looks to be the heir at first, and Refsnyder looks ready to start at second now.

Finally the last major topic Hal talked about was their lack of free agency.

"I found that very interesting, given that we offered $25 million (for Moncada) and spent substantially in the international market. I’m not saying we’ll never give another seven-year contract, but going in you know you’re probably only going to get three-four good years out of it. It remains my goal to get under that $189 million, but it’s not going to happen for at least two more years when these big contracts we have expire. But I’ve continued to say you shouldn’t need $200 million to win a championship."

Here is where I call bologna. I understand not wanting to give out big contracts to every player. I always have a hard time when Hal Steinbrenner talks about a budget and wanting to get under the luxury tax. The Yankees are in the biggest market and is the biggest name in baseball, but do not want to spend money on premier talent. What happens when Bryce Harper becomes a free agent? Will the Yankees pass on him because he going to want a seven-year contract?

This interview I feel Hal did not say something new or shocking.

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