Yankees Editorial: Yankees Trade Value 30-26

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Mandatory Credit: milb.com

28. OF Ramon Flores

Flores, like Austin, can play outfield and first base, but the thing that gives him the most value on this list is the fact that he is probably the most major league ready of the three outfielders.

Like Austin, Flores has battled his own injury issues. He’s been in the Yankees organization since 2009 as a 17 year old and reached AAA for the first time last season after getting injured early in the season. Flores hit .247/.339/.443 with seven homers and 23 RBI in 63 games last season.

Flores probably doesn’t have enough power to be an everyday corner outfielder, but it doesn’t mean he couldn’t be a part of a major league roster as a lefty hitter.

Flores could be the first outfielder added in case of injury this season. Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner aren’t the picture of health all the time. For that matter, neither is Chris Young. He was just released last season by the Mets.

Flores has to continue to hit during Spring to assure himself of that, and hopefully for him, he can stay healthy and possibly make his major league debut this year.