Slideshow: How Does The Yankees’ Health Control 2015?

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How does the health of the New York Yankees‘ roster control their 2015?

There is a lot of hope for the Yankees in 2015 from the fans, players, and organization. The General Manager Brian Cashman and Managing General Manager Hal Steinbrenner instituted the new philosophy and direction for the club in this offseason. They began the “youth movement” and moved big contracts with age for youth with high upside.

In result, the roster collectively became younger and cheaper. The replenishing of the farm system has gave fans a new excitement. While everyone would love for the 28th championship in the Bronx, the hopes for the next super star coming out of the farms works too.

The contribution of the new young guns with the stability of the veterans can be enough to propel the Yankees into the playoffs. However, much of the potential success of 2015 depends on the veterans’ health. The avalanche of injuries in 2014 depleted the roster and many of those injuries have carried on into 2015 as concerns. The front office move made moves to add depth for security, but the depth is obviously not going to be as productive as the starters. So, what are the health woes that can determine how 2015 turns out?

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