David Robertson Is Still Talking About The Yankees


David Robertson is about to begin his first season with a team other than the New York Yankees, but he is still talking about the Bronx Bombers. On Saturday Robertson stated, “The White Sox give me a better opportunity to win…The direction this team is going in is something I want to be a part of.”

Personally, I do not think that Robertson was trying to ruffle any feathers or cause a commotion. If reporters continue to ask him about the Yankees and him not being resigned, he is going to praise his new team. If a reporter asked one of our new players that type of question, we would want our player to say the exact same thing.

The highlight of Robertson’s 2014 season was blowing Derek Jeter’s final home game before Jeter walked off with the game winning hit in the bottom of the ninth. While Jeter could do nothing wrong on his final night in pinstripes, Robertson sure made it interesting.

The Yankees never made an official offer to Robertson after he turned down the qualifying offer that would have made him the highest paid closer of all time. After he accepted the White Sox offer of 4 years and $46 million dollars, the Yankees gained a valuable compensation pick in this year’s draft.

Robertson was a great pitcher for the Yankees, both before and after taking over the closer role for Mariano Rivera. If the Yankees had kept him, the team would have one of the best bullpens in baseball. His demands were just too high for a pitcher that had one season of closing under his belt at a time where the Yankees are full of dead money. If Betances had even an average season Robertson comes back. However, Betances was lights out and Robertson became a luxury the team could do without.

A lot of players can be very disrespectful about their former teams, especially just a few months after leaving. Robertson doesn’t fit that mold. Robertson wants to let his, and his team’s, play have the last laugh against the Yankees. The White Sox are certainly better than they were last year. Still, a lot of things need to go right for them to enter the upper levels of the American League in 2015.

What Robertson said was all in innocent fun, if even that. The Yankees players are not the type to respond to anything like this and it is already finished in their eyes. Still, I am hoping that we are down a run or two to the White Sox at least once this season in the 9th so that our Bronx Bombers can pay him a little reminder of where he came from.