Yankees Editorial: What Role Should Adam Warren Have?


The Yankees first game is Tuesday. Finally, we can see guys play in games for the first time since September. The Yankees are still trying to figure out what will be going on with their rotation. Chris Capuano was brought back to be locked into the five spot until Ivan Nova is ready to come back from Tommy John surgery.

But what about Adam Warren?

With all the depth the Yankees have in the bullpen, not only at the major league level, but coming up in the system, Warren was a starter in the minors, but was picked last season to be a part of the bullpen.

Warren eventually moved into a seventh inning role and at times was very effective. He showed an uptick in velocity that he didn’t have when he was a starting pitcher. Maybe proving he could get guys out in the bullpen gave him a little confidence to realize he can get big league hitters out. Many successful  starters were in the bullpen first. That’s the way it used to be done. Get their feet wet out the bullpen then have them transition over.

According to Lo Hud’s Chad Jennings, Warren is slated to be the starter for the Yankees first Spring Training game. Does it mean anything?

Well in the grand scheme of things probably not. However, to me it’s a good sign that he’s being considered for the role.

The Yankees need to figure out what Warren is. If he doesn’t start this season, he shouldn’t be considered for the role again. Remember the Joba Rules? The Yankees basically curtailed Joba Chamberlain‘s career by constantly maneuvering him around between the bullpen and the rotation until his arm finally blew and needed Tommy John.

Hopefully, the Yankees learned from that mistake with the arms they have coming up. If Warren earns the role and beats out Capuano then leave him alone. If he doesn’t, leave him in the bullpen. Pick a spot for him and keep it that way.