Yankees Editorial: Derek Jeter To Make An Appearance On Saturday Night Live


If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night, they had a commercial for Saturday Night Live of different celebrities names flashing across the screen of who is planning to appear on the show for the 40th anniversary special. Some may have sworn they saw Derek Jeter’s name pop up, and thought they may have been seeing things. Fortunately for us, it is true. 

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Jeter has been named as one of the guests that will be on the show for the upcoming special that is set to take place on February 15th at 8 pm. Alongside him will be numerous former hosts and ex-cast members. The other athlete that will be by his side throughout the show will be Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

This will be Jeter’s second time on the show, as he had a memorable appearance back in 2001 that still has everyone chuckling to this day. We got to finally see the humorous side of him that many of his former teammates often told the media, as he took part in a “Yankees Wives” skit. In this scene, he put on a full face of makeup, along with a wig and a dress. He then sat in the audience with other women who claimed to be the wife of one of the players on the Yankees, and Jeter pretended to be one of the wives as well. Between their gossip and their lack of knowledge of the game of baseball, it was a skit that had the audience in tears.

Many can say that they didn’t expect that humorous side of the former New York Yankees shortstop, and I can guarantee I don’t speak alone when I say that I am expecting for Jeter to top that performance. Many want David Wells and David Cone to join him again, as that type of reunion is something that everyone would definitely be interested in seeing. Regardless of what is planning on happen, the viewers will definitely not be disappointed, and it will be nice to see Jeter in the spotlight again.

Other guests that are rumored to be on the show include Kanye West, Emma Stone and Justin Timberlake.

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