Yankees Editorial: Ranking My Favorite Baseball Movies of All-Time

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If you’re like I am, baseball season truly never ends. Sure, the regular season transitions into October, and three exciting rounds of postseason baseball culminates with the World Series, but even then, the countdown is always on until pitchers and catchers report in February. I like to start off my off-season by watching the epic story of the game’s history, but forcing my two small children to ensure 10 innings of Ken Burns’ Baseball.

From there, I try to catch some Australian League action, some Arizona Fall League play, and the Caribbean World Series when it rolls around. But there are times when I just need to throw in a Blu-Ray disc from my plethora of baseball movies. Depending on what type of mood I’m in, determines my selection, but they all get viewed at some point during the winter, most times more than once.

As spring training is now within striking distance, the Winter Meetings have come and gone, and most of the big name free agents have already signed, we watch, we listen, and we report on smaller, less celebrated moves the team makes, such as finalizing non-roster invitees to camp, veterans and youngsters looking for their shot at big league glory either for the first time, or one more time, and if you cover the New York Yankees likes the staff and I here at Yanks Go Yard do, the now daily circus show that has become Alex Rodriguez, the new Commissioner of Baseball, and of course the Yankees themselves. Absent from 2015 will be any retirement tours, and aside from A-Rod, we can get back to baseball.

But to celebrate the winter that was, and always has been, here in order from 10 to 6 in part one, then 5-1 in part two, are my favorite baseball movies of all-time!