Alex Rodriguez Is Confident And Ready


Alex Rodriguez has told us many things through the years, but this time he is speaking very softly.

I’m feeling really, really good,” he told The New York Post this week. “I’ve been working hard, doing a lot of plyometrics, and I am so excited for spring training and to be back with my teammates.”

Quietly, far from the limelight at the University of Miami in South Florida, he is preparing himself for spring training. There are no brash statements. No tabloid excerpts. No big press conferences. He only seeks a meaningful Yankee role.

So much has changed. He is no longer considered a serious threat to set the home run record. Third base for the Yankees no longer belongs to him. Some doubt if he can still even hit major league pitching.

But his half brother Joe Dunand, who has provided him with emotional support since his suspension, has complete faith in him. ¨ Alex loves the game,” Dunand said as he watched Rodriguez go through a series of running drills. “He’s always loved the game. What happened is in the past and he is moving forward the best way he can. I’ve seen a positive change in him. He has learned from this experience. It’s not been easy on him, but he is excited to get back to baseball and that is where all the focus is — getting back on the field.¨

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Rodriguez is also reportedly taking indoor batting practice in South Florida. ¨Always follow your dreams,¨he has said according to Baseball Almanac. ¨Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be something.”

So everything has come full circle for Alex. He has returned to the University of Miami to begin his comeback in the same place that his legacy began. Now, there is no rush to enhance his performance artificially. There is no need for another big contract. The only thing left is to show that he is still a major leaguer, and to show he can still contribute.

It is what started it all. Doing it for the love of the game.