Why Alex Rodriguez Needs to Apologize to Yankees Fans


Whether or not you are a New York Yankees fan, it is very tough to root for Alex Rodriguez. This is a man who admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs numerous times. Cheating in this beautiful game is unacceptable, and being welcomed back with open arms from the league and its fans is nearly impossible.

While some fans were disappointed the three-time MVP was suspended for all 162 games last season, many other fans were upset that he was not banned from the league for good because of his cheating ways. Either way, Alex Rodriguez will return to the Yankees in less than 5 weeks, and all fans must accept that he is back on the team.

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It will not be easy for Rodriguez to come back without hearing a massive amount of boos aimed in his direction. One way to decrease the boos is for Alex Rodriguez to speak publicly and apologize to not only the New York Yankees fans, but to all of the fans of the league. A true, raw, emotional apology may not be accepted by some, but people are naturally compassionate and forgiving and that works in his favor. But let’s be honest here, whether us Yankees fans hate or love him, we will be satisfied if he performs at the plate.

New York Yankees fans expect to compete for a World Series year-in and year-out. The last couple years have been rough, but expectations are always high for the 27-time World Series championship organization. There is no denying what Alex Rodriguez can do at the plate. When healthy (which he hasn’t been in a long time), the man can flat out hit the ball. His numbers have greatly decreased over the years, but accepting the DH role at age 39 will help keep his body as fresh as possible. No matter how frustrated he gets, putting the team above himself will be noted by fans, and it will decrease the amount of negative publicity he will receive.

Plain and simple, Alex Rodriguez can decide his fate in the eyes of the fans. If he stays quiet and does not speak, he will be booed heavily on every road game and possibly even at Yankees Stadium. If he apologizes and proves to be a key contributor to the team, Yankees fans just may be able to put his ugly past in the back of their minds.