Bomber Bites: If Jordan Zimmermann Is Available The Yankees Should Be In


If the rumors are true. If the Washington Nationals want to sign Max Scherzer and then trade Jordan Zimmermann to help restock a bit of their farm system then the Yankees should be on the phone with the Nationals trying to land this guy.

Why? Because Zimmermann would give the Yankees a true ace. Him, with Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda at the top of the rotation could form a powerful trio. Yes, Zimmermann is a free agent after next season. However, he’ll be 29 upon entering free agency, while Scherzer is 30. Next year’s possible free agent class also includes David Price, Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos and other arms. Also the fact that Scott Boras isn’t Zimmermann’s agent can help the negotiations as well.

So how does the deal get done?

First, give the Nationals Gary Sanchez. Sanchez can give them a suitable replacement in the next couple of years for Wilson Ramos when he hits free agency. Remember, this is a team that will have to deal with free agencies for Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper soon. They will need the money.

Secondly, let them pick between Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela for second base. Do you believe in Danny Espinosa? I don’t and I bet you the Nationals don’t either. Either could provide a more suitable option at second.

Third of all is newly acquired Nathan Eovaldi. They can then flip Doug Fister for prospects and Eovaldi gives them a young, cheap, controllable starter.

Throw in another minor leaguer and you get yourself an ace.

Chris Capuano and Garrett Jones contracts expire at end of season which is $10 million combined. The Yankees also have money coming off the books after 2016. They can get creative with Zimmermann’s contract when they put more money into 2017 and ’18 and less in 16.

The Yankees can use actual prospect depth to upgrade an aspect of their team. They can add an ace and someone who would be the best starter in the entire division. They should get creative and explore this.