Yankees Should Consider Trading For C.J. Wilson


C.J. Wilson has been someone who has had some success vs the New York Yankees in his career (4-3 with a 3.70 ERA). But now the Yankees are in real need of a reliable middle of the rotation starter and Wilson could be an interesting option. After a disappointing 2014 season in which he went 13-10 with a 4.51 ERA, the Los Angeles Angels seem willing to deal him.

A left-handed pitcher with a favorable fly ball percentage (29.5%), Wilson would be an ideal fit for the Yankees in 2015. But what deal is enticing enough to the Angels to part with him?

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The Angles recently parted ways with their long time second baseman Howie Kendrick and could be looking for someone to fill that role in the long term. The Yankees could offer up someone along the lines of prospect Jose Pirela or Rob Refsnyder in exchange for Wilson.

Given Wilson’s high salary it would stand to reason that Los Angeles would like the Yankees to take on a chunk of the lefty’s contract which would bring down the price. The Angles would still have to pay a sizable piece of the salary, but it’d be a pair exchange when given the exchange of money.

Los Angeles is also in need of some support at the catching position, an area in which the Yankees still have a surplus. I hate to say it but former top prospect Gary Sanchez has had some well-documented troubles in recent seasons while questions about his maturity and work ethic loom large. It may be time to move him while his value is still high. Offering up Sanchez to the Angles for Wilson may be enough.

The Yankees get high value for a prospect that might not be worth as much in the future as well as some much needed padding for their starting rotation. The Angels would rid themselves for some of the money they owe Wilson and gain some catching depth in return.

This move isn’t imperative, but given both the Yankees and Angels needs, it’s one that makes sense for both teams. Someone like Wilson would be a nice pickup for the Yankees’ rotation. His struggles last season are an aberration when you look at his career numbers.

But Wilson’s rough 2014 campaign has brought his price down and striking a deal for him should be something the Yankees consider and explore before the season rolls around.