What Will A Week In San Diego Bring The Yankees?

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Will Chase Headley Return To The Bronx?

With the enormous deal that Pablo Sandoval signed with the Boston Red Sox just under two weeks ago, it set up free agent third baseman Chase Headley for a huge payday–deserved or not. The former Friar has had interest from Cleveland, Miami, the Giants, and even the Padres(?) The Yankees would like to retain Headley, but at their price and their length of contract.

Originally, it was believed that the Yankees would be able to easily keep their trade acquisition without much effort, but as the market has heated up, so have Headley’s suitors. There are rumors that he has a four-year offer on the table, for more than $60 million dollars. Believe me when I say this, the Yankees will not go that long or that deep with Martin Prado and Alex Rodriguez ready to man the hot corner in the Bronx next season and beyond.

Prediction: Headley signs his 4-year deal, and it’s with the San Francisco Giants