Robinson Cano Seems To Be Enjoying His New Home In Seattle


It has been about a year since the Yankees former second basemen Robinson Cano shocked the world of baseball, and signed a hefty 10-year, $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners. Cano received lots of flack from many people, but it seems like Cano has settled into Seattle quite nicely.

In fact, he made it known that he is extremely happy with his new club. “I’m going to tell you one thing — I’m super happy,” Cano told Christian Red of the New York Daily News. “The good thing is they treat you like family, not just like the player, that you make your money and you’ve got to do your job.”

Cano showed what the Yankees are missing out on, as he had another great year at the plate. In his debut season with the Mariners, he batted .314, and helped the team almost win a wild card berth. It looks like Seattle has a chance of making it to the playoffs again, as they recently just signed the power hitter Nelson Cruz.

With the Yankees recent signings, it will be interesting to see what team really takes off next year, and who will appear in the playoffs. No one would have predicted early in the season that teams like the Orioles and Royals would have been in the playoffs this year. Who knows, maybe we will see the Mariners and Yankees facing off next October.