Report: David Robertson Using The Astros As Leverage In Negotiations


Last week a mystery team offered David Robertson a 3-year, $39 million deal. While never official, it is thought by most in the industry to be from the Houston Astros. Now, however, the Astros are saying that Robertson is using them to get more money from the Yankees. George A. King III wrote that Robertson even speaking with the Astros is nothing but a leverage play. [related-article]

The pair speaking never made sense in the first place. The Astros are years away from needing just a closer to contend. Spending $40-$50 million on a closer with the lowest team salary each of the last two seasons made no sense when first announced.

Now, Robertson seems to have no offer from Houston and he got caught playing the game. Robertson pulled no punches earlier this season when stating that the Yankees “had their chance” to get him for less money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a player seeking as much as possible during free agency. However, Robertson has now made a series of moves that play against the Yankees wanting to bring him back.

The Yankees have a few options for their bullpen aside from Robertson. The most obvious choice is Dellin Betances. Betances was 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting and has the stuff to take over tomorrow. Additionally, he is on his rookie salary around $500,000. The value of a closer at that price tag is astronomical.

The Yankees are also heavily involved in acquiring the services of Andrew Miller. While he has never closed before, he could set up for Betances, or vice versa.

Robertson has proved that he can handle closing duties in the Bronx. While he had an ERA over 3.00, he converted 39 of 44 save opportunities and there is no reason he won’t do it again next season. However, if he keeps playing games on the market the Yankees will move on and enjoy a compensation pick for his prior services.