Yanks Go Yard Interview With Scout David P.

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Who’s the one free agent that the Yankees should target and who should they stay away from?

A no-brainer would be Yoan Moncada. He’s exactly what the Yankees need which is a young stud infielder with superstar potential. He may not stick at SS but the Yankees need a second baseman, a shortstop, and a third baseman. Refsnyder is definitely an exciting prospect but Moncada could be a good option if Refnsyder doesn’t pan out defensively at second. Moncada brings flexibility for the Yankees at the cost of just a few bucks (in Yankeeland). The Yankees are set up to reel him in, especially considering the fact that they’ve handicapped themselves in the IFA for the next two seasons.

IMO there aren’t many players that the Yankees should stay away from at all costs this free agency. Sure there are some high cost free agents like Lester or Scherzer but they would bring value to a franchise that has missed the playoffs for two straight seasons. I don’t think the Steinbrenners want to miss the playoffs for three consecutive seasons and that pressure may just push them over the brink with one of these big names. The Yankees have for the most part held onto their minor league talent of late and adding an expensive free agent right now would buy them more time to develop talent rather than trade them away mid-season for an expensive veteran to patch up the team.