Writing Opportunities: Join us at Yanks Go Yard


Covering all of the news, rumors, and speculation that comes with following the New York Yankees is no easy task, creating plenty of writing opportunities here on our team at Yanks Go Yard. We’re looking to add a number of writers to the mix, especially those passionate about the team and motivated to share their opinion on their favorite team.

Passionate about the Yankees? Driven to be successful? Creative in sharing your opinion? Have a love for baseball?

FanSided’s goal has always been to become a primary resource for quality content, making ourselves a daily source for fans looking to get their news and information on all of their favorite sports teams. FanSided continues to grow daily, reaching a massive audience across our 300+ sites that cover the entire sports landscape and an increasing segment of the entertainment world.

Prior online writing experience is always beneficial, but not required. There is a growing network of writers and editors across the network that you’ll be able to learn from, network with, and help out along the way – making us a great place for an aspiring journalist, budding writer, or simply someone looking to expand on a hobby while reaching a broader audience.

The Staff Writer role here at Yanks Go Yard can be as big or small as you’d like to make it. We typically ask for a minimum of two posts a week from the role, with a great deal of flexibility as to what topics surrounding the team you’ll be focused on writing about.

Interested? Want to know more? Head on over and complete our online application. It will give us a chance to better know you and see an example of your writing. We’ll ask for some insight into why you want to join us. We’ll be in touch from there to answer all of your questions.