The Bronx is Boiling: Yankees Offseason Vol. II

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Last week, my Bronx is Boiling examined the first major move of the New York Yankees off-season free agency period. I wrote about how I wasn’t convinced that Chris Young was the right move. It wasn’t necessarily based on his talent or career, but more along the lines of whether or not we trust Young to have to play over 100 games as the Yankees “fourth” outfielder. It was that aspect, which will happen with three injury prone outfielders, in which I am yet to be convinced. 

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This week, the Yanks went out and made a great move. They shipped Francisco Cervelli off to apparent trade buddies the Pittsburgh Pirates for reliever Justin Wilson. Many Yankees’ fans have scoffed at this move because they are letting personal feelings get in the way. Here’s the truth though. I liked Cervelli, but the Yankees are deep at the catching position and Cervelli was the most attractive bait outside of Gary Sanchez. He is also injury prone and when he wasn’t hurt he was suspended. Trading a guy who has trouble staying on the field for a lefty that hits close to 100 on the radar is a no-brainer.

These are the moves I like. The kind of the under the radar, smaller moves that seemingly make a champion. These are the moves, like Brandon McCarthy last season, that change the course of the season. The Bronx is boiling and I need to blow some steam.


The 2001 World Series ended and the Yankees philosophy changed dramatically. They were always big spenders, but starting in 2002 with Jason Giambi, it reached new heights. It hasn’t really worked and the Yankees’ need to get back to making moves that, sure, maybe fans will dislike, but will prove to be invaluable down the stretch. Take a look at these five examples.