The Yankees Pirates Bizarro World


What is up with the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Yankees the past few seasons? I was reading an article on about the Francisco Cervelli trade, and noticed quite a bit of the same old, same old. Since Russell Martin bolted town, there has been a carrousel of relievers and catchers circling the New York City and Pittsburgh area. What’s even more peculiar is a top prospect being buried by all the moves. 

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Russell Martin left the Yankees after a two-year stint in which he hit the most home runs in consecutive seasons of his entire career. Martin’s arrival in Pittsburgh helped revive a city that hadn’t had a winning record in nearly two decades. He also blocked Pirates elite catching prospect, Tony Sanchez from making it to the majors. Funny, Martin did the same thing in New York, except the Sanchez there was Gary.

A year later, after a brief 22 games in 2013, it look as if Sanchez may get his break to back up Martin. That’s when the Yankees sent Chris Stewart to the Pirates to serve as the backstop backup and buried Sanchez for yet another season. They Pirates sent Kyle Haynes to the Yankees, a relief pitching prospect who shined just recently in the Arizona Fall League. Gary Sanchez spent the year buried in the minors of the Yankees system as well.

Enter the 2014 offseason. Tony Sanchez made another appearance in 2014 in which he belted two home runs (one of which was at, you guessed it, Yankees Stadium) and drove in 13 RBI and looked poised to be possibly the starting catcher with Russell Martin’s impending free agency. Low and behold, the Yankees once again step him and crush his dreams. Days ago Francisco Cervelli was shipped to Pittsburgh, yet again for a reliever (Justin Wilson), and it looks like another season of Triple-A baseball is in Sanchez’s future. He has remained positive however:

Gary Sanchez’s future also looks bleak as far as breaking camp in 2015. Austin Romine is out of options and will either be dealt or the Opening Day back-up catcher. J.R. Murphy proved last year that he is major league ready. Gary Sanchez showed he may need more time in the minors as he continues to mature both mentally and physically. There is no denying the bizarro universe that is Yankees/Pirates will continue to turn it’s wheels.